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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

With more than 27 million pieces of content being shared across the web every single day, how will yours compete?

We have industry experience in the journalistic field, which means we can develop stand-out and persuasive web copywriting and print copy services.

copywriting services

Digital copywriting

Content Savvy are passionate about helping your brand shine online.

Areas you can improve with web copywriting services:

Usually, a prospective client or customer will stumble across your webpage as the first point of contact. First impressions count! Ensure your Home page, About page, Services etc leave a lasting impression. Let’s convert those prospects into actual sales!

Regular blog posts are also a wonderful way to improve SEO, and also to impart your industry knowledge to the consumer. There’s no better way to solidify your credibility than with some quality web copywriting.

Use Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)? Email marketing is a great tool to collate existing and prospective consumers in one place. EDM’s are perfect for alerting your subscribers of exclusive promotions, business updates, new products and industry news. Our recommendation is to send one EDM a month, doing so reminds prospective clients of your presence which may ultimately lead to sales. (It also doesn’t bombard them with unnecessary emails, so they will be less likely to unsubscribe.)

Or do you have an online store? Product descriptions often get overlooked in terms of importance. The quality of this copy could potentially be the determining factor as to a prospective consumer hitting ‘add to cart’ or exiting out of the browser.

Sometimes, we need to create our own exposure too – that’s when press releases come in handy. Have you got a new product launch coming up? Perhaps a new store opening? Let us craft the copy for you to send out to relevant media.

Or contact us for other web copywriting services.


Print copywriting

Want a flyer or brochure to send out with your products? We can write the copy for that!

With first-hand experience in the magazine industry, we can craft short or long form advertorials and articles to suit a range of brands or topics.

Editing services

Need another set of eyes to look over the copy you’ve already written? We also offer editing and proofreading services! Let us tweak, freshen and correct any errors, so your copy is perfect for publishing.

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